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  • Black Loads Spanish Broad Taking This Long Cock

    So this week we have some dumb Spanish broad with us, her name is Giselle or some shit like that, who cares? i just called her puta because thats what she is, she’s here trying to make it big by showing that cooter on film. Anyhow there was not much communication going on with this […]

  • Black Loads Suck this dick like a good chick

    So this week we have this fine ass latin chick trying to make it in this game right? She has no idea she’s about to get fucked by my big black dick! She came in all casual thinking it was going to be just another regular scene, she was all like “yeah i like sucking […]

  • Black Loads Lilly Gets Stretched

    Man, these chicks are desperate to get into the business. So much so that they’ll let you do anything you fucking want to them. This chick named Lilly stopped by the office to get fucked, used and abused. I fucked the shit out of her. Gave her the good pounding that she deserved. A pounding […]

  • Black Loads Making Her Earn Her Motherfucking Money!!

    These chicks are desperate to get into the porno game. So much so that they come to the BlackLoads office begging to get used and abused. So that’s exactly what we do. From the moment they walk in they know they’ll have to learn fast or get the fuck out. This week this desperate babe […]

  • Black Loads Nikki Kay Dicked Down!

    This week we have the innocent Nikki Kay with us trying to get into the industry. This bitch is cute as fuck but i have to say she’s a bit too dam submissive, having said that I truly enjoyed picking Nikkie down. At times she couldn’t even take my entire dick inside her, which turned […]

  • Black Loads Teaching Jessica a Lesson

    These hoes are just desperate to get in the biz. So much so that they’ll do anything to get in. Like choking on a massive black cock or having their pussy stretched till it can’t stretch no more. This time around, this chick named Jessica bursts into my office without knocking or an explanation as […]

  • Black Loads Rikki Learns To Respect Black Dick

    The more innocent they look, the more i want to stretch their fucking pussy with this big black cock. This chick named Rikki stepped into my office lost as fuck. All she knew is that she was coming to shoot a scene. So, I made her understand that she was coming to get get fucked, […]